Release of Calendar - 2016 by DG,BPR&D

The Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D) was set up on 28th August 1970 in furtherance of the objective of the Government of India for the modernisation of police forces. It has evolved as a multifaceted, consultancy organization. At present it has 5 divisions.

Research & Correctional Administration Division:  It identifies the needs and problems of police services in the country and initiates research in this field. It also looks after the mordernization requirement of the correctional administration and also facilitates training courses and research for the same.

Modernization / Development Division:  It keeps itself abreast with the developments in the application of Science & Technology to police work in India and other countries and studies new procedures with a view to promote induction of appropriate equipment and techniques.

Training Division: The training division functions as Central Police Training Directorate to cater to the training needs of Police Forces in the country. It also supervises the five Central Detective Training Schools located at Chandigarh, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Ghaziabad which run courses for state police officers in the field of Scientific Investigation. Training Division also designs Training Methodology and conducts assessment of future needs for training police force in the country.

Administration Division: It handles various issues relating to headquarters and administrative matters of BPR&D. This division looks after all administrative matters of training institutions of the Bureau.

National Police Mission Division: This division develops projects, fast tracking the development of police techniques in all aspects in a mission mode. The mission has been divided in six micro-missions - Human Resource Development, Community Policing, Communication & Technology, Infrastructure, New Processes, Proactive Policing & Visualizing Future Challenges, comprising senior police officials from all over the country.

Special Police Division (Gender Issues) : This Division was initially known as Special Unit to look after the issues related to publication of Indian Police Journal (IPJ). Police Vigyan, Data on Police Organisation, BPR&D Newsletter and any other BPR&D publication including all works pertaining to anti human trafficking, SC/ST/Minority Issues, Gender Issues, Children Issues, Senior Citizens and residual issues.