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Message from Director General

Team BPR&D wishes Happy New Year to all!

In continuation of the initial message just after my taking over on 1.11.2017, outlining the context as well as the desired domains of Research and Development for the Indian Police, we tried to evolve a shared vision, taking all stakeholders on board, through the Visionary Summit which the BPR&D organized on 22.12.2017 at the India International Centre, New Delhi.
The Summit reflected on the need for the following initiatives:

  • Centre for Civil Society Interface (CCSI) in the BPR&D
  • Impact analysis of Police responses
  • Evolving National Benchmarks for delivery of police services
  • Developing Training Standardisation and accreditation mechanism for Police as well as the Correctional Services
  • Impact analysis of Police Modernisation Schemes and evolving standardization mechanism
  • Big data analytics, artificial intelligence and predictive policing
  • Effective Tourism Policing formats for Incredible India
  • Ranking of states on effective policing parameters

We are in the process of evolving further roadmap in the above direction. We call upon all the concerned citizens, experts and domain specialists to join us with their ideas and schemes. We can be approached at dg@bprd.nic.in.
Your support shall be of immense value in reorienting the police response.
Assuring you of our sincere efforts.

With best wishes,

Dr. A.P. Maheshwari, IPS Director General

'Promoting Good Practices and Standards'