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Message from Director General

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The Bureau of Police Research & Development promotes excellence in law enforcement and correctional administration, undertakes research on relevant issues and identifies technology for improving police and prisons functioning. Since its inception in 1970, BPR&D has contributed for the development of State Police and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) by strengthening their human resources through training and research.
We have five Central Detective Training Institutes at Kolkata, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Ghaziabad and Jaipur. Officers from different law enforcement agencies are trained on investigation of cyber-crime, collection of digital evidence, latest techniques in investigation and forensic science, investigation of special crimes and crimes against women etc. Central Academy for Police Training (CAPT) at Bhopal conducts similar training for senior officers. Of late, it has started training prosecutors as well. Latest techniques of adult learning with expert guest faculty form the basis for training by the Bureau. Domestic as well as international training courses are organised on regular basis.
Our Modernisation Division strives for technological upgradation of law enforcement agencies and regularly interacts with Indian Institutes of Technology, forensic universities and other technical institutes of excellence for introducing latest techniques and equipment in police/prisons.
The Research & Correctional Administration Division of the Bureau till date has awarded 235 research projects on issue of law enforcement and prisons. We have sponsored Fellowships to 101 students for conducting their doctorate on police and prisons related topics. We disseminate knowledge gained through research to police/prisons of the country thereby providing relevant academic inputs to police practitioners and correctional administrators. We have eight Micro Missions which are think tanks on different aspects of law enforcement. Police officers who have achieved excellence in their field are selected as members of Micro Missions to deliberate on the challenges and recommend action points. The eight Micro Missions deal with Human Resource Development, Community Policing, Communication and Technology, Infrastructure, New Processes (Process Engineering), Proactive Policing and Visualizing Future Challenges, Gender Crimes & Gender Related Issues and Correctional Administration.
We regularly interact with the civil society, non-governmental organisations, technocrats and academicians to understand the expectations of citizens from law enforcement and correctional administration.
The Bureau thus is the think-tank as well as a research and training organization dedicated for the development of law enforcement and correctional administration in the country. We value partnership with all those interested in issues of law enforcement and correctional administration and strive to provide best services to our stakeholders and citizens.

With best wishes,

Sudhir Pratap singh, IPS Director General

'Promoting Good Practices and Standards'