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Message from Director General

“Every policeman is a citizen in uniform and every citizen is a policeman without uniform”. This truism assumes much significance in today’s scenario where policing has become far more complex than what it was a generation ago and operational dynamics are constantly posing newer challenges. These challenges demand equally creative solutions in real time and unquestioned cooperation from all stakeholders.
Though accountability for traditional responsibilities such as crime investigation, prevention and detection of crime remain primary, police today faces far too many dynamic challenges. They emerge in the form of social, cultural and technological changes. Need of the hour demands proactive, transparent policing in sync with the aspirations of society and the national policy. There is a need for congruent responses amidst the maze of ever emerging technological options, the threats looming at us from within the virtual realities of cyber space, changing physical environment of proliferating multimode communication, Internet of Things, Smart Cities and more. Security concerns on the socio-economic developmental grid are also emerging which may threaten the creation of an inclusive society.
The Police must also gear up to meet the security aspirations of a well informed society which demands corruption free systems for delivery of justice at all levels. This calls for constant R&D in the following domains:

  • Strategic vision towards policing and internal security
  • Quality focus in terms of error free responses
  • Citizen focus in terms of customised solutions for all the stakeholders
  • State of the art physical environment and resources for optimal output
  • Capability augmentation of human resources with technological capabilities, skills and behavioural awareness
  • Value creation using cutting edge technology with a competitive advantage at each level

The nature of internal security has changed dramatically and we now face proxy war situations, border transgression, demonstrative impacts of global occurrences and these call for dynamic responses which could be activated instantly to counter any threat. Such is the vast and complex canvass of Police R&D in our changing society.
Bureau of Police Research and Development thus acquires a greater onus to mobilise all the stakeholders on a common platform and facilitate their alignment towards the desired vision, mission and values. We must aim to deliver value added responses right from the cognitive stage to delivery at cutting edge level. BPR&D will strive to be the ‘Think-tank’ pursuing these policing needs.
We sincerely urge all the stakeholders, police as well as non-police, and the civic society forums to join us in our mission to evolve viable formats of policing and internal security. We assure you of our commitment and integrity.

With best wishes,

Dr. A.P. Maheshwari, IPS Director General

'Promoting Good Practices and Standards'