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Bureau of Police Research and Development
Ministry of Home Affairs,
NH-8, Mahipalpur
New Delhi (India)


DG Office: +91-11-26781312, Email id: dg@bprd.nic.in
ADG Office: +91-11-26781341, Email id: adg@bprd.nic.in
Administration Directorate: +91-11-26781345, Email id: igadm@bprd.nic.in
Training Directorate: +91-11-26781314, Email id: dirtrg@bprd.nic.in
NPM Directorate: +91-11-24361366, Email id: dirnpm@bprd.nic.in
MOD Directorate: +91-11-
24361238, Email id: digmod@bprd.nic.in
Research & CA Directorate: +91-11-26781326, Email id: dirrd@bprd.nic.in


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BPR&D Direction Map

" The BPR D has a mandate to promote excellence and best values in policing, invest in research & development, seek and secure a ppropriate technology for optimum performance and invest in human resource development and training... "

- Navneet Rajan Wasan, IPS
Director General