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Modernization Division ensures effective implementation/ introductionof the modern technology/gadgetry in the Police Forces. Identification ofemerging technologies and orientation of work on new technologies should beencouraged so that the Police Forces can be equipped with the best and arecapable to resist any threat whether in the jungle, streets or in the lab.

The Division liase with the national laboratories, other scientificorganizations and institutions and public and private sector undertakings formodernization programs and stimulating indigenous production of Policeequipment and system.

The Modernization Division is expected to keep abreast withmodernization in the application of science and technology to police work inIndia and abroad and study new procedures and methodologies with a view topromoting the introduction of suitable equipment and techniques in police workin India to improve its operational efficiency.

Besides advising the Government of India, the Modernization Division,if required by the State Governments, also advises them on matters fallingwithin the field of its operations.

The Modernization Division (erstwhile Development Division) was set upin 1970.  The Division was augmented in 2009 with creation of additionaltechnical posts i.e.  Principal Scientific Officers, Senior ScientificOfficers and Senior Scientific Assistants in the field ofExplosives/Ballistics, Weapons, Uniform Accouterments, Life Sciences, Building& Design, Electronics, Traffic &Transport. The Modernization Divisionis headed by Director, an officer rank of the Inspector General of Police. TheTechnological Development Wing is having following sub wings:

(i)Traffic and Transport Wing.

(ii)Uniform Accouterments Wing.

(iii)Weapon Wing.

(iv)Electronics Wing.

(v)Building and Design Wing.

(vi)Life Sciences Wing.

(vii)Ballistics & Explosive Wing.

Last Updated On: 20/06/2017