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Ongoing Projects

Plan Projects under the 12th Five Year Plan, (2012-2017) of Modernization Division are as under: 

a) Smart Policeman – Developing, Designing and Trial of High Performance Uniform Activities and Accessories

This Project was proposed by BPR&D and after following codal formalities National Design and Business Incubator (NDBI), National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad was shortlisted for carrying out the project. The research proposal was accepted by the Standing Committee on Police Research on 29.12.2012 as research project in the 11th Plan, Sh. K K Sharma, IPS was appointed as coordinator for this research study. 

Details of the Project/Scheme: -

Project Director -Dr. Vikram S Parmar, CEO, NDBI Ahmadabad.

Cost - Rs 40 Lakh

Project Coordinator - Shri K. K. Sharma, IPS, ADG (OPS), BSF, Hqrs, New Delhi 

The Project covers developing, designing and trial of high performance uniform articles for security force personnel. The project has been rolled over from 11th Plan to 12th Plan on approval of MHA.

The Project is under progress. 

b) Model Police Station Project (Plan Project)-

A Proposal for construction of three Model Police Stations under 12th Five Year Plan (2012-2017) at Champlain,Mizoram, Porompat, Imphal, Manipur and Chaupanki, Alwar, Rajasthan was approved on 26/12/2013 at a cost of Rs. 3.00 crore with one crore for each Model Police Station or actual cost of construction whichever is less.

Manipur and Mizoram have taken up the work after signing of MoUs. Work could not be taken up in Rajasthan as the Rajasthan Police could not complete the required financial obligation as per the MoU.

c) National Police Technology Development Centre (NPTDC)-

This Bureau was entrusted the work of setting up of National Police Technology and Development Centre (NPTDC) in the final report of the Working Group of MHA for the 12th Five Year Plan(2012-17). BPR&D is in discussion with reputed research labs like DRDO and other technical institutes for preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for setting up of NPTDC.

d) 09 Ongoing Projects at National Centre of Excellence in Technology for Internal Security (NCETIS), IIT Bombay

Listof On-going Projects at National Centre of Excellence in Technology forInternal Security

S. No.

Current Projects Title

Focused Areas

Co-opted members


Ground Penetrating Radar

·    For landmine  and tunnel detection

1.   Prof. Shibban Koul, IIT, Delhi

2.   Prof. AR Harish Koul, IIT Kanpur

3.   Army, Police, CRPF, BSF and other Para-Military Representatives


Explosive Detectors

·  Optical sensor platforms for explosives and pathogenic agents based on functionalized nanoparticles on optical fibers and waveguides

·    Handheld explosive detector based on amplifying fluorescent polymers

1.   Prof. S.B. Krupanidhi, MRC, IISc Bengaluru

2.   Prof. Sidhartha Panda, IIT Kanpur

3.   Prof. B.D. Gupta, IIT Delhi


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

·    Unmanned aerial system

1.   Prof. K. Sudhakar, Professor (Retired), Department of Aerospace Engineering, IIT Bombay


Remotely Operated Robotic all-Terrain Vehicle

·  Maneuvering of any kind of terrain/ strategic places by Remotely Operated Robotic all-Terrain Vehicle

1.   Dr. T.A. Dwarakanath, Scientific Officer, BARC

2.   Prof. K. KurienIssac, Senior Professor, Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology, Thiruvanathapuram

3.   Dr. K. Jayarajan, Head, Tele-Manipulator Section, BARC


Cyber and Data Security

· Design & Development of Block Ciphers

1.   Dr. A.K. Bhattacharjee, BARC

2.   Dr. G Athithan, Director SAG DRDO

3.   Dr. S.K. Parulkar, BARC


Wireless Communication System

·    Broadband Wireless Communications System for Public Safety

1.   Dr. Ajit Chaturvedi, IIT Kanpur

2.   Prof. Ranjan Bose, IIT Delhi

3.   Mr. AnantSimha, TCS

4.   Dr. Prem Chand, MitKat Advisory Services Pvt Ltd


Video Surveillance

·    Surveillance and analyzer

       Academia :

1.   Prof. Jatanta Mukherjee (IIT Kharagpur)

2.   Prof. Santanu Chaudhuri (IIT Delhi)

3.   Prof. P.J. Naryanan (IIIT Hyderabad)


1.   Dr. Sunil Kumar Kopparapu, TCS

2.   Dr. Aloknath De, Corporate VP, Samsung


Biometric Applications

·    Application of wavelets in Biometrics

1.   Sh. Madhukar Pandey, Commissioner of Police (IPS), Railways, Mumbail.

2.   Prof. Aditya Abhyankar, University of Pune


Thermal Imaging

·   Development of indigenous mid-wave and long-wave thermal images for night vision and surveillance applications

      1.   Dr. S.S. Negi, OS & Director, IRDE, Dehradun

      2.   Dr. Rajesh K. Sharma, OS & Director, Solid State Physics Laboratory, Delhi

      3.   Dr. B.K. Sehgal, CEO, Gallium Arsenide Enabling Technology Centre, Hyderabad

     4.  Mr. Mahesh V, Chief Scientist, CRL-Banglore, BEL

      5.   Mr. M.V. Rajasekar, AGM, BEL-Machilipatnam

" The BPR D has a mandate to promote excellence and best values in policing, invest in research & development, seek and secure a ppropriate technology for optimum performance and invest in human resource development and training... "

- Navneet Rajan Wasan, IPS
Director General