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Message from Director General

“Good Policing cannot be perceived without the BPR&D” 

Hon’ble Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation Shri Amit Shah ji said this on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the BPR&D.

As we enter the 51st year, our endeavour will be to redefine policing with cutting edge research. The mandate of the BPR&D has provided meaningful space for all stakeholders in policing and correctional administration. The collective wisdom of the practitioners, the academia and the civil society has culminated in inputs for policy imperatives in policing and prisons. The verticals of the BPR&D on Research, Modernization, Capacity Building and the National Police Missions have contributed substantially in studying problems and defining solutions by Promoting Good Practices and Standards.

For the millions of citizens, the police station is the temple of justice. They come to a police station with the confidence that it will deliver them justice. In many ways, it is the highest court of justice for the voiceless. Our promise to them is we will do everything in our endeavour to reform and modernise policing through research that will help policy makers transform Indian police system into World’s leading modern police.

We recognise that policing is fast evolving. Today, the police has to deal not only with traditional crime but modern day cyber crime and state sponsored terrorism. This has significantly increased the risks and responsibilities of the uniformed men and women on the streets. At the BPR&D, our efforts will be to provide our frontline defenders of national security with skill, knowledge and tools that enable them to serve our national interest better.

We also recognise that investing in our uniformed men and women is the surest way to serve better and speedy justice to our citizens. Empowering our police force means empowering our citizens and nation.

Transformation starts at home. As the team leader of the BPR&D family, my humble efforts will be to facilitate a thriving working environment for us to come up with the best practices that befit a modern day police.

I call upon my colleagues from all rank and file to join me in this nation building endeavour.