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General/Previous ATA Courses Print



ATA Courses Calendar for the year
2020-2021 & 2021 - 2022

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ATA Courses Calendar for the year

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ATA Courses Calendar for the year

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Training Calendar of ATA Course in India and USA

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Delegating responsibility to BPR&D for Organizing Domestic ATA 

Courses by MHA 

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Rates of Course fees and Boarding /lodging Charges for ATA Course Central State Police
Academics and Institutes in India

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Previous ATA Courses



 ATA Course- IN16IIM01, Investigative Information Management Course from 30/10/2017to 10/11/2017 to     be held at CDTS, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad (Telangana)-Nomination reg.

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 ATA 10139, Border Control Management Course from 
 27.10.2014 to 07.11.2014 at BSF Academy

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 ATA 10777, Suicide Bomber Prevention Course from December
 8th to 12th 2014 at Andhra Pradesh Police Academy, Hyderabad

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 ATA 9677, Investigating Terrorist Incidents (ITI) course from 
 July 14th to 25th 2014 at RPA Jaipur

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 ATA 9676, Interviewing Terrorist Suspects course from August 4th 
 to 8th at local Police Academy in India.

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 ATA 10834 Critical Incident Management Course from February
 5th to 13th February, 2015 at Northern Eastern Police Academy,  Shillong 

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ATA Course in USA -  mha.gov.in View Document67kb

Last Updated On: 07/10/2020