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Micro Mission Print

Seven micro missions have been formed to developprojects for achieving the objectives.

MM:01 Human Resource Development:

(Police Population Ratio – Career Progression –Leadership – Accountability –Performance Evaluation - Training – NationalPolice University – Attitudinal Changes – Welfare of Police Personnel, etc.)

MM:02 Community Policing

(Involving Community in Policing – Police Interfacewith Media Industry and other relevant segments – Police Image, etc)

MM: 03 Communication and Technology

POLNET – CIPA – Cyber Techniques – Forensic Science– DNA– Narco Analysis, etc)

MM: 04 Infrastructure

(Building-official and residential-equipment andweaponry, etc.)

MM:05 New Processes (Process Engineering)

(On-going Police Practices – Review and Impactanalysis – Existing Best Practices –Innovations in India and elsewhere, andtheir adaptability – Procurement procedures – Delegation and Decentralization,etc.)

MM:06 Proactive Policing and Visualizing FutureChallenges

(Extremism and Naxalism – Mob Violence – CyberCrime – Money Laundering– Narco Terrorism – Human Trafficking etc.)

MM:07 Gender Crimes and Gender Related Issues

(Prevention Strategies, Investigation Techniques,Training & HRD, Prosecution and Victimology)

Last Updated On: 10/06/2020