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Student Police Cadet Programme Print

The Student Police Cadet (SPC) Programme was launched nationallyon the 21st July, 2018 by Shri Rajnath Singh, former Union Home Minister. About6,000 Cadets from different States and UTs participated in the launchprogramme. The Student Police Cadet Programme seeks to build a bridge betweenthe Police and the community by inculcating values and ethics in the schoolgoing students through indoor and outdoor classes and activities.

The Student Police Cadet Programme is a two years long capacitybuilding programme for the student of 8th and 9th standard. It aims to evolvestudents as responsible and capable citizens of our democratic society. Theprogramme is successfully running in more than 11,000 schoolsand 7,18,638 number of students are enrolled as SPC Cadets. BPR&D hasdeveloped the curriculum for Student Police Cadet Programme and it has beendesigned in a way to keep the learning interactive and interesting. BPR&D,through 05 workshops has trained 179 Master Trainers from States and UTs.

The Vision

To nurture the school going childrento be law abiding community to contribute towards the realization of a NewIndia. 

The Mission

To help character building of futurecitizens,through indoor as well as outdoor activities by providing anenvironment where children of different strata of society will be empowered todetermine the direction for their future and also that of the society.


The motto is – "Empathy, Discipline and Integrity".


For more details kindly visit https://spc.bprd.nic.in


Last Updated On: 24/09/2021