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New Criminal Laws Print

The following Acts of Parliament namely (1) THE BHARATIYA NYAYA SANHITA, 2023, (2) THE BHARATIYA NAGARIKSURAKSHA SANHITA, 2023 and (3) THE BHARATIYA SAKSHYA ADHINIYAM, 2023 received the assent of the President on the 25th December, 2023 and have been published in the Gazette of India for general information.

1) THE BHARATIYA NYAYA SANHITA, 2023  Click here View Document67kb
2) THE BHARATIYA NAGARIK SURAKSHA SANHITA,2023  Click here View Document67kb
3) THE BHARATIYA SAKSHYA ADHINIYAM, 2023  Click here View Document67kb
View Document67kbToT on New Criminal Laws
Last Updated On: 05/02/2024